22x19xSK11 Illustrative Street Scene colour.pdf

Illustrative Street Scene

The image shows how the homes may look in their setting when viewed from Bardfield Road.  

The top image includes the existing hedge, the lower image shows the proposed homes from behind the hedge. 

It is intended to retain as much of the hedge as is possible whilst providing for a safe site access. 

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22x19xSK08 Proposed Site Plan colour.pdf

Proposed Site Layout

The image above shows how four homes may be arranged on the site.

Plots 1 and 2 are proposed as maisonettes. Plots 3 and 4 are proposed as houses.  The proposed layout provides for a single site access as required to satisfy Essex Highways requirements. 

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22x19xSK09 Plots 1 and 2 colour.pdf

Plots 1 & 2

These two 1 bedroom maisonettes take the form of a simple boarded barn typical of the Essex countryside.  Traditional materials (brick, boarding, clay plain tiles etc) are proposed to be used in a contemporary way.  The building has been designed to both face Bardfield Road and provide views along it towards Thaxted. The potential for overlooking has been carefully designed out.

22x19xSK10 Plots 3 and 4 colour.pdf

Plots 3 & 4

These two 2 bedroom houses also reflect the character of nearby dwellings and outbuildings and that found in the wider Essex countryside.  The primary aspect of these homes is arranged to maximise views of their associated gardens, whilst addressing Bardfield Road and not creating overlooking issues.   

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